Walnut Wood Luggage Tags

Last week saw the launch of our brand new walnut wood luggage tag collection, featuring our beautiful new brushed gold metal-effect acrylic inlays! Available in a variety of designs, these luggage tags would make a lovely gift for any style conscious traveller and can be personalised with the message of your choice on the back.
Personalised Walnut Geometric Initial Luggage Tag, £24.00
Personalised Gold Hexagon Honeymoon Luggage Tags,
from £34.00
Personalised Walnut Wood Initials Luggage Tag, £24.00
Also available in calligraphy font.
Personalised Walnut Wood Coordinate Luggage Tag, £24.00
Personalised Walnut Wood Name Luggage Tag, £24.00
Personalised Leather Envelope Luggage Tag, £30.00
Something a little different, this envelope style wallet is made from grey leather with a brushed gold metal-effect acrylic insert featuring a sweet paper plane illustration.
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Summer Bucket List

After last week's short but sweet fling with summer, it's got us all excited for what July and August have in store! We've got plenty of ideas on how to spend the perfect summer day but for those of you looking for some inspiration we've put together a summer bucket list of things to do both big and small.
1. Swim in the sea 
2. Stargaze
3. Go to an outdoor cinema 
(Check out Brighton Big Screen)
4. Watch a sunset/sunrise 
5. Go fruit picking 
6. Travel, anywhere & everywhere!
7. Go rock pooling 
8. Have a picnic in the park 
9. Roast marshmallows on an open fire 
10. Go camping
11. Play rounders 
12. Make a daisy chain 
13. Go hiking 
14. Fly a kite 
15. Have a beach BBQ 
16. Go on a road trip 
17.  Have a water fight 
18. Visit your local museum 
19. Play in the arcade 
20. Pool party (paddling pools count!)
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2017 Travel Destinations

One of the best things about summer has got to be summer holidays, whether you're going on a city break in Europe or travelling to far-flung corners of the earth, everyone loves a good vacation. Incase you're still unsure of where to head off to, or are waiting for that last minute deal, we've put together our top travel destinations to fuel your wanderlust! ✈️ 🌍
1. Crete, Greece 
Crete is full of charming architecture, exquisite cuisine and beautiful golden beaches. Take a driving tour of the island, hike to the birthplace of Zeus, go snorkelling in the soothing waters or visit a vineyard, Crete is an idyllic getaway. 

2. Merida, Mexico
This year marks Mérida being named American Capital of Culture 2017. The city is more alive with culture than ever before, expect lots of live music, plenty of museums, explore the nearby Maya ruins and try some delicious regional cuisine.  

3. Bali, Indonesia
Beautiful beaches, exquisite temples, great food, tropical scenery and mighty volcanoes, Bali has it all. Great for spiritual adventures or surfing, Bali also has some of the best waters in the world for snorkelling. 
4. San Francisco, US
San Francisco is one of America’s great walking cities. Grab a comfy pair of shoes and explore this trendy city on foot (or hop on a cable car), make sure to see the golden gate bridge and take a day trip to nearby wine country, Napa Valley.
5. Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland is New Zealand's largest city, a green metropolis, formed over old volcanoes. As well as being a lively cultural hub, Auckland offers plenty of nature-based activities such as swimming on west coast beaches and hiking on the volcanic island of Rangitoto. 
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