Child's Drawing Faux Leather Keyring


A faux leather keyring etched with your child's drawing. 

This sentimental keyring would make a lovely present from the children to their Mum, Dad or Grandparents and would be great for birthdays, Mother's day, Father's day or Christmas. The keyring allows the children to give a really fun and personal gift that the recipient is sure to treasure.

It is simple for you to provide us with the drawing you would like to use, as soon as you have placed your order, scan the image  and send it to us via email at Please create the drawing on a plain white piece of paper using a black pen. Please do not use lined paper. Please send us the drawings as soon as the order has been placed to avoid any delay on your order.

We will etch the keyring best suited for the drawing layout, depending on whether it is portrait or landscape.

The keyring is available in a choice of Chestnut Brown which etches black, or Black faux leather which etches silver.

Measures 9.5cm in length and is 4cm wide and will arrive in a gift box.