Handwritten Message Faux Leather Keyring


A faux leather keyring etched with your own handwritten message.

This sentimental keyring would make a lovely present from the children to their Mum, Dad or Grandparents and would be great for birthdays, Mother's day, Father's day or Christmas. The keyring allows the children to give a really fun and personal gift that the recipient is sure to treasure.
Or you could use the scanned handwriting of a loved one to remember a special message from them.

In order for us to personalise the keyring with your own handwriting you will need to scan the message into a computer, save as a JPEG and send it to us via email at hello@joannaemily.com. If possible please create the handwritten message on a plain white piece of paper using a black pen. Please do not use lined paper.

Available in a choice of Chestnut Brown which etches black, or Black faux leather which etches silver.

Measures 9.5cm in length and is 4cm wide and will arrive in a branded gift box.