Personalised Child's Drawing Envelope Cufflinks - Seconds


*** SECONDS - these cufflinks have minor imperfections such as hairline scratches or small dents. The cufflinks are fit for purpose and the wooden inserts within will be custom made for you. Due to scratched these are sold at a reduced price. Sorry no returns possible.***

These cufflinks feature opening envelope lockets containing secret wooden miniature letters. The wooden letters can be engraved with your child's own handwriting or drawings, making these cufflinks a really personal and sentimental gift.

Getting your drawing to us is simple, as soon as you have placed your order scan the image that you would like to include into a computer and send it to us to

The lockets are rhodium plated and the envelopes measure 20mm by 15mm, with hinges on the top to allow the envelope to open. The cufflinks measure 23mm from front to back. 

Please note that the texture and colour of the wooden insert may vary. They will arrive presented in a stylish card cufflink box, containing a black padded cushion, ready for gift giving.

The wooden letters are made of British Boxwood. The cufflinks are rhodium plated and have a luxurious high-shine finish. The envelopes measure 2.0 x 1.5cm, with hinges on the top to allow the envelope to open.