Personalised Men's Coordinate Necklace, Wooden Location


A unique and modern wooden pendant, personalised with coordinates and initials of your choice, attached to a faux leather braided cord in black.

You can provide us with a special or meaningful location, which we will convert to coordinates, and will be laser etched around the outer ring. We can then etch either a set of initials (up to 4 characters) or a pair of initials (2 initials with a + in the middle) this will be etched onto the wooden disc in the middle. This would make a great anniversary or wedding gift, it could be the location you met, where you got married or a honeymoon destination.

Since the pendant is made out of wood, it is also ideal for a 5th wedding anniversary.

Please select the braided cord length which is available in either 22 or 24 inches (please contact us if you would prefer an alternative length).

Please provide one location. For more precise coordinates, please provide the full address or as much detail about the location as possible.

Please also provide the initial(s) for the middle of the pendant.

 The diameter of the pendant is 13mm and it is made from Cherry wood veneer.