Personalised Photo Envelope Cufflinks - seconds


*** SECONDS - these cufflinks have minor imperfections such as hairline scratches or small dents. The cufflinks are fit for purpose and the wooden inserts within will be custom made for you. Due to scratches these are sold at a reduced price. Sorry no returns possible.***

*Please note that there is a longer production time on these cufflinks than our other products. Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery within the UK and 4 weeks internationally.*

A beautiful pair of personalised envelope cufflinks containing wooden letters printed with your own special photographs.

An edition of our popular Envelope Cufflinks, these opening locket cufflinks contain small wooden inserts printed with your own photos. A great way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, these cufflinks would make a lovely sentimental gift to be treasured by your loved one.

Particularly fitting for a 5th Anniversary present when wooden gifts are traditionally given.

You can choose to have a different photograph on the front of each of the wooden inserts and these will be custom made for you. Your photos must be high resolution. Not sure whether you photos are suitable? Please send us a message to and we will be happy to help you. Please also use this email address to send us your images. When you send your images, please let us know who or what needs to be the focal point of the image. Please do not crop the photos yourself as this limits us when cropping the photo.

The wooden letters are made of British Boxwood. The cufflinks are stainless steel and have a luxurious high-shine finish.

The cufflinks will arrive presented in a stylish grey card cufflink box, containing a black padded cushion. They are secured in place with black elastic ties and the box will be tied with ribbon.

The envelopes measure 2.0 x 1.5cm, with hinges on the top to allow the envelope to open. The cufflinks measure 2.3cm from front to back.