Alternative New Year's Eve Plans


There's always so much expectation surrounding New Years Eve but for those of you who don't fancy queueing to see the London fireworks or are against going 'out out' or perhaps just fancy a change - here are 5 alternative ways to bring in the new year!

1. NYE Getaway 
Whether you go abroad or stay local, going away for NYE can make things a lot simpler. If your looking for a city break try Budapest or Edinburgh. If your on a smaller budget, gather some mates, family or a loved one and rent out a cottage in the country. 
2. Games Night 
Whether you prefer video games or boardgames, grab some classics and get competitive!
3. Host a Dinner Party 
Dust off those cookbooks and put together a meal for your nearest and dearest, there's nothing better than good food, good drinks and good company.
4. Sleepover
Gather your friends for a old fashioned night of laughs and pampering. Think PJs, chick flicks, face masks and snacks.
5. Takeaway & Movie Night
Staying in is the new going out! Order your favourite takeaway (mines a curry) and stock up on popcorn. Whether it's an intimate evening for two or a film fest for friends, stick on a classic and cosy up.