Wedding Gift Wrap

You've found the perfect gift, now you just need to wrap it! Here at Maria Allen, we believe that presentation is just as important as picking out a thoughtful gift. It's easy to pop to the shop and buy beautiful wrapping paper, but why not get crafty and have a go at making it yourself! Here are a few ideas on how to make your gift stand out 🎁✨
 (All images sourced from Pinterest)
1. Simple brown paper is great, its cheap and can be easily transformed. Why not create your own pattern using ink or paint and a homemade potato stamp. To achieve the dotty effect, use the rubber end of a pencil. 
2. Wrap your gift in simple brown paper and make it extra special by adding a photograph of the happy couple to the front of the wrapping and secure in place with string. 
3. Why not jazz up your wrapping by creating a cut out design and adding different layers, colours and textures. 
4. Alternatively use beautiful ribbon and fresh flowers, (ideally matching the wedding colour scheme!) and finish with handwritten tags. 
5. Create your own marble effect by using water and nail polish! Alternatively print out a marble effect onto paper and add your own gold leaf embellishments.
6. Keep it simple with brown paper, string and fresh foliage for a minimal effect.
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