5 Tips For Getting Motivated This January

After a slow start to the beginning of the year we're back into the full swing of things here in the Maria Allen studio. There's no better motivation than the start of a new year for making a positive change in your life, be it starting that health kick, making travel plans or working towards new goals both big and small. If your not feeling it already, we've put together our top tips for getting motivated this January!


1. Declutter your space
Give your inbox/desk/studio a spring clean and start as you mean to go on. It will be much easier to get things done when you know where everything is.
2. Write your goals down
Your more likely to achieve your goals if you commit them to paper! Treat yourself to a new notebook, journal or planner and make it your own.
3. Plan your week
Break your end goals down into more manageable chunks, start small and it'll all add up. 

4. Reflect
Take some time out to relax, reflect and look for inspiration - it's all around you! 

5.  Just do it
Get on with it! Nothing will happen if you don't start somewhere.
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