Wedding Favours

         With wedding season fast approaching we've been busy designing lots of new products to help style your big day including our new mini glass jars! These lovely mini jars are personalised with the happy couples initials within a simple heart design. The possibilities are endless, whether you have a wedding theme or are looking to keep things simple, we've gathered some ideas on how to fill your jars and impress your guests with the personal touch. 

1. Sweets & Chocolates 
The most obvious choice is to fill the jars with your favourite sweets, perhaps love hearts, sugared almonds, homemade truffles...
2. DIY Drinks 
Why not fill each jar with some beautiful loose tea or make your own hot chocolate powder and top with mini marshmallows for your guests to enjoy at home.
3. DIY Candles 
Fill your jars with DIY candles, you can bulk buy the wax and add your favourite fragrances.
4. Tiny Plants
Use the jars as mini pots for tiny cacti or succulent cuttings, botanical weddings are very on trend!
5. Seeds
Spring is in the air so why not fill your favour jars with flower seeds, perhaps a flower that matches your floral arrangement so when they grow your guests will be reminded of the happy day.
Set Of 10 Mini Glass Jars, £32.50
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