5 Ways To Make Recycling Quicker, Easier and More Fun

Here at Maria Allen, we are dedicated to recycling all of our waste and using recycled or sustainably sourced wood for all our products. We all know recycling is important, not only does it reduce green house emissions, but it cuts down on landfill sites (there are currently 1,500 in the UK), it saves energy, protects the environment, saves money, need we say anymore... However good it may be, the task of organising those plastics from the papers never jumps out as being the most fun job to get done. We've put together some of our favourite tips for making recycling quicker, easier and more fun...

* * * *

1.) Location, Location, Location

If it’s easy to recycle, you're waay more likely to want to do it. Place the recycling bin next to the kitchen bin, so that with just one more step *hooray* you've recycled! You could put a box in your child’s bedroom for recycling paper and we've found popping a discrete container in the bathroom just for collecting toilet-paper tubes gets the recycling done extra quickly.

2.) Get the paints out!

If the kids aren't feeling motivated to help out, why not let them decorate the recycling bins to get them more involved. This way, they'll want to put things in that special box they've created and they'll have also learnt that recycling can be fun!

3.) Understand why it's important

No one enjoys doing extra housework, especially your children when all they want to do is play or watch TV, so take a bit of time to explain why recycling is so important. Why not show them some videos on where their rubbish ends up and the effect it can have on animals and wildlife.

4.) The game is on

Kids (definitely not mums and dads too...) love a little competition, so why not get a family contest on the go? Give everyone their own container to fill or make a chart of each item that gets recycled and by who (yes! Time to crack out the stickers) Why not reward yourself afterwards with some little treats for you and your family.

5.) Reuse those boxes

Harking back to the Blue Peter washing up bottle rockets of old, there are endless art and craft possibilities from your recycling box. Why not spend a rainy weekend making new toys from those old toilet rolls and milk bottles, or making birthday and Christmas gifts in the run up to the holidays?  This will save you money and keeps the kids busy and creative for hours. 

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