5 Easy Ways to Add Greenery to the Workplace

For those of you out there working from a home studio, renting a small studio or office space, or if you simply want to add more plants to your office without it looking like a 'before' shot from a 60 minute makeover house, then have no fear! We're a big fan of popping plants anywhere we can at Maria Allen, and decided to share our tips on how to brighten up those studios and offices with our little plant pals...

* * * *

1.) Air Plants

Even the most notorious of plant assassins will be able to keep these guys alive. Air plants are native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America and are used to growing without soil. They can thrive in the most unliveable growing conditions such as shifting desert sands and high altitude mountains. Pop them in a container or hang them in your office and relax.

2.) Hanging Baskets

The hanging basket scene has seriously upped its game since you saw these hanging outside your Grandma's front door. These plant hangers take up virtually no space and really can change the look and feel of a room. With a huge choice of designs and basket materials widely available, we'll be hanging these everywhere *mind your head!*

3.) Terrariums

We're glad that this trend seems to be sticking around, because we love these mini natural habitats that can fit in your hand. Not only are they super low-maintenance, but they're really beautiful and easy to make yourself and get creative with! 

4.) Succulents

Another way to fool your friends into thinking you're green-fingered is with the succulent. These wonder-plants are used to living in climates with high temperatures and low rainfall so store more water in their leaves than most plants, meaning minimal watering is needed from you- perfect! 

5.) Cacti

These prickly critters are surprisingly the perfect office companion. Not only do they require minimum effort and add a touch of the desert tropics to the workplace (always a welcome experience), they can also bloom and produce the most vivid colourful flowers!

And with plants in the workplace now proven to increase productivity and happiness, why not pop some greens in their today?