Minimal Wedding Styling

That's right, wedding season is upon us!   
With the minimalist trend showing no signs of slowing down, we've been inspired by minimal weddings. The simplistic and elegant details are a beautiful (and easy) way to elevate the style of your big day. Here are some of our favourite minimal wedding details that really show less is more.  💍
  1. Flowers
There's no need to complicate the bouquets and decorations, try to stick to two or three main flowers and complement them with elegant greenery.
2. Table Styling 
Think muted tones complemented with natural foliage. A simple terrarium or long sleek candlesticks also make excellent centrepieces. 
3. Understated Backdrops
All you need is a clean white space filled with natural accents like this minimal garland, and why not opt for a stylish photo backdrop instead of a photo booth for the reception. 
4. Homemade Favours 
Favours are an important wedding detail as that's the part guests take home as a keepsake from the day. The best option is to keep it simple with homemade gifts and consumables that complement the weddings style.
5. Wedding Cake 
  You won't see any elaborate fondant here, think a simple tiered cake decorated with natural foliage to complement the table.
Whether you're looking for that perfect wedding gift or styling your big day, we have something for everyone! From custom jewellery to one-of-a-kind gifts, make it a day to remember.
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